75 Defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 75’

BOA: 21’

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The Metal Shark 75 Defiant is a welded aluminum pilothouse vessel designed for use in law enforcement, tactical fire fighting, pilot operations, or other missions where fast response, all-weather capability, large capacity, and extended range are key considerations. Like all Metal Sharks, the 75 Defiant may be fully customized to meet virtually any mission requirement. The 75 Defiant sets a new industry standard for tactical firefighting vessel technology.

Hull Design & Construction

The 75 Defiant features a proven Metal Shark hull design that has been engineered and built to precise tolerances. To achieve its superior hull life rating of 30+ years, the vessel’s hull, deck, and pilothouse structure are composed entirely of heavy, welded plates of premium-grade 5086 aluminum alloy. Thanks to its wide 21’ beam, the 75 Defiant is extremely stable yet surprisingly fast, and its stout welded aluminum hull crushes waves to deliver a smooth and stable ride.

Deck Layout

At the heart of the 75 Defiant’s crew-friendly design is its spacious, clutter-free deck arrangement and expansive, open work spaces that allow for easy, surefooted passage from bow to stern. Wide, non-skid walkways feature low-level LED lighting for night missions, and careful consideration has been given to the placement of all rails and grab handles. Crew members may safely traverse the vessel, day or night, even in adverse weather conditions. A durable foam-filled collar provides impact resistance during alongside maneuvers; while port and starboard dive recesses and the full-width swim platform provide easy access to and from the water.


The most immediately apparent advancement in Metal Shark’s Defiant pilothouse design is the use of pillarless glass to substantially enhance visibility. The result is a near elimination of the dangerous blind spots which are an unfortunate drawback of conventional pilothouse vessels. Large spotter windows allow the crew to see overhead aircraft. Further, the 75 Defiant’s quickly opening side and aft pilothouse windows offer added flexibility and greatly facilitate communication when docking or maneuvering alongside another vessel. The pilothouse is shown here with a full galley, dinette, and crew station. Other configurations are available.

Crew Accommodations

Below-decks, the 75 Defiant’s ample beam allows for a wide range of available configurations, which can be custom-tailored to suit specific mission requirements. In various configurations, the vessel can easily sleep between two and eight crew, with the potential for increased capacity. There’s also an enclosed head compartment with fresh water sink and hot water shower, with multiple galley options available.


Available power includes twin Cat, Cummins, Volvo, and MTU options. Propulsion can be in the form of conventional shaft drive, waterjet, or pod propulsion systems. While waterjet propulsion offers speed and maneuverability advantages, the conventional straight shaft configuration offers lower acquisition costs, maintenance costs, and is serviceable anywhere in the world with basic tools and training.

Firefighting & Emergency Response

This vessel may be fully customized to suit a wide range of mission requirements. From fire pumps and monitors to foam reservoirs, hydrant connections, and Command and Control communications systems, Metal Shark is adept at the seamless integration of tactical firefighting hardware. To see a 70 Defiant in Fire Rescue configuration, click here. This vessel may be configured to serve as an on-water ambulance, with dedicated EMT/EMS patient care zones, a wireless crew communications system to coordinate response operations, high-capacity motor-driven onboard cranes, and a variety of CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive) positive-pressure ventilation and crew protection systems for disaster response readiness.

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