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Military Boats

Military-Spec Precision: It’s at the Heart of Everything We Do

Metal Shark is a leading supplier of military vessel fleets to the United States Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, and the militaries of partner nations worldwide. Metal Shark continues to win historically large defense contracts by using its formidable engineering power to solve complex design challenges and meet highly technical requirements. The company has placed great emphasis on establishing engineering and production practices that yield maximum performance and repeatable results. From 100% digital design, cutting, and sheet metal bending, to the extensive use of jigs to assure precise tolerances during the welding process, Metal Shark has leveraged its serialized building processes and substantial economies of scale to assure competitiveness, consistency, and on-time deliveries. Fanatical attention to detail is evident on every Metal Shark built. From precision welds to mil-spec wiring, a Metal Shark is built as if lives depend on it. Because, often, they do.

Metal Shark delivers new military boats on a weekly basis, with a number of programs active at any given time. Today,Metal Shark military vessels patrol the waters across North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Metal Shark works closely with its military customers, using operator feedback to continually enhance and evolve its designs to assure each new Metal Shark reflects the latest advancements in military technology.

At the top of this page is a list of some of Metal Shark’s more popular military platforms, which may be fully customized to suit virtually any applicable mission profile. Here, we’ll highlight some of Metal Shark’s more notable military contracts and government programs:

United States Coast Guard Response Boat – Small (RB-S)

In 2012, Metal Shark won the contract to replace the USCG’s aging fleet of 470 response boats with its innovative new design, based on the Metal Shark 29’ Defiant-class monohull pilothouse platform. Powered by twin Honda 225 HP outboards, the trailerable, C-130 transportable RB-S II reaches speeds of 50 knots. The RBS-II features Metal Shark’s signature “pillarless glass” pilothouse, which rewards crews with significantly enhanced visibility and safety compared to conventional pilothouse designs using smaller, framed windows. For the Coast Guard, Metal Shark designed the RBS with quickly-lowering side and aft windows, which convert the enclosed pilothouse to an open cockpit for maximum operational versatility.

The $192 million contract for the RBS-II was one of the largest boat buys of its kind for the U.S. Coast Guard. Metal Shark was selected as one of two finalists for the contract and won out after an exhaustive series of head to head tests proved the merits of the company’s innovation and substantial investment in new technology. Serialized production of the RBS is ongoing at Metal Shark’s Jeanerette, Louisiana production facility, with new vessels completing weekly. RBS production reached a milestone in July, 2016, with the delivery of the 200th RBS-II to the USCG.


United States Navy Force Protection Boats 

In 2013, Metal Shark was awarded a contract to produce up to 80 Force Protection Boat – Medium (FPB-M) patrol boats for the United States Navy. Powered by twin 300 HP Yamaha four-stroke outboard engines, the FPB-M is quick, agile, and economical to operate. The vessel is easily trailerable, with a radar mast that can be lowered by a single person in just a few minutes to allow for easy over the road transport. At the same time, the vessel is large enough to operate in coastal and nearshore environments in rough conditions. Dual rooftop HVAC units allow for comfortable operation in a wide range of climates. Like all Metal Sharks, the 32 Defiant platform may be fully customized to suit a wide range of mission profiles. The FPB-M contract is currently underway, with vessels delivering monthly. Metal Shark has also produced Force Protection – Large (FPB-L), and Force Protection – Small (FPB-S, shown below) for the Navy.

Metal Shark FPB-M

Metal Shark FPB-S Fleet

24 Riverine – Built for US Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Customers (Multiple Operators)

The Metal Shark 24’ Riverine is a rugged and reliable shallow-draft patrol boat, specially designed to withstand harsh operating conditions. The vessel is being produced for US Department of Defense CNTPO contract customers and is deployed to multinational forces in Latin America for counter narco-terrorism ops, border patrol, and other missions. In CNTPO trim, the 24 Riverine is equipped with four perimeter gun mounts and a 50-caliber tripod mount in bow. The 24 Riverine can accommodate a crew of 12+, with bench seating for ten aft of the helm, and flip-down forward seating. Powered by a single Yanmar 420 HP Diesel engine and Hamilton HJ-274 waterjet, the 24 Riverine performs capably, delivering crew and armament into shallow water environments of less than 18”.

33 Relentless Patrol – Built for US Navy Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Customers (Multiple Operators)

The Metal Shark 33 Relentless is a proven twin-engine center console chosen by the US Navy for deployment worldwide. Thanks to its high performance Michael Peters hull design, the 33 Relentless offers exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions. The vessel is deal for missions where speed, maneuverability, and offshore capability are required. In standard configuration, the 33 Relentless features seating for two crew, sheltered by a hard T-top. For the US Navy, Metal Shark configured the 33 Relentless with seating for nine crew beneath the T-top and an extended aft canopy. With twin four stroke 300HP Yamaha outboards, the 33 Relentless reaches speeds well in excess of 50 knots.

US Coast Guard 38’ Training Boat (ABOAT) Fleet

Metal Shark was contracted by the USCG to build a fleet of training boats to serve as on-water classrooms. Today, every new entrant to the Coast Guard trains aboard a Metal Shark. Fourteen 38 Training Boats are in service at the USCG Training Center in Yorktown, VA. Two additional boats have been deployed in Alaska for advanced helo training. Metal Shark’s 38 Defiant was chosen for this distinction by the USCG for its superior design. Dependability and durability were of primary importance, as these boats are continually in use. Other key considerations included the boats roomy pilothouse, and commonality with other Metal Shark platforms in use by the USCG including the RBS, SPC-SW, TANB, and various ATON platforms.

38’ Defiant Patrol Boats – Built for USCG Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Customers (Multiple Operators)

Initially proven in service with the US Navy and Coast Guard, Metal Shark’s 38 Defiant now patrols waters of US partner nations across the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. With its proven hull design offering outstanding performance, and a wide range of propulsion options including diesel inboard water jets, pods, conventional straight shafts, or outboards, the 38 Defiant offers the versatility to operate in virtually any marine environment. Troops benefit from Metal Shark’s signature pillarless glass pilothouse and other mission-enhancing features such as a rugged urethane-sheathed closed-cell foam collar. In addition to their extensive military service, the 38 Defiant is also in service with numerous fire rescue and law enforcement agencies and pilot associations.

45’ Defiant Patrol Boats – Built for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Customers

In 2016, Metal Shark delivered the first six 45 Defiant patrol boats of an eighteen-boat order from the US Department of Defense, providing advanced technology to stabilize US interests in South Asia. These very nimble and capable military patrol vessels are configured for coastal and nearshore patrol, search and rescue, and interdiction. For military patrol the 45 Defiant has been configured with a durable Wing foam collar, and a large climate-controlled pilothouse with shock-mitigating seating for six crew. Basic accommodations including multiple berths, crew mess area, galley and enclosed head allow for extended missions. The vessels have been fitted with twin Cat Diesel C9 engines and Hamilton waterjets. Production is ongoing.

US Navy 36’ Underwater Construction Tender (UCT)

Metal Shark was contracted by the US Navy to build a fleet of Underwater Construction Tenders (UCTs), which have recently entered service. Based on Metal Shark’s proven Courageous platform, the UCT was Metal Shark’s winning solution to an incredibly demanding set of mission requirements. The UCT features a forward hydraulic-actuated A-frame and large bow door, with a second hoisting A-frame aft. The vessel features an onboard generator and robust electrical delivery system allowing simultaneous use of both forward and aft A-frames. For all-weather operation, Metal Shark equipped the UCT with a three-sided helm enclosure which quickly folds down to allow transport via C-130 aircraft. Large port and starboard aft cockpit dive doors facilitate water access and retrieval operations, and shock absorbing cockpit floor panels are easily removed to reveal an in-floor Versa-Track modular component system designed to accommodate removable dive tank modules, welding units, or aluminum tool boxes. An aft deck overhand provides maximum deck work space while at the same time providing protection for the vessel’s twin outboard engines.

US Navy / US Air Force 26′ High Speed Maneuverable Surface Target Vessels (HSMST) 

In 2012, Metal Shark was awarded a multi-year contract to produce the High Speed Maneuverable Surface Target (HSMST), a customized vessel platform for the US Air Force and US Navy. In 2013, the Navy followed up by awarding Metal Shark with a contract to produce an additional 350 HSMSTs over the next three years. The HSMST is based on Metal Shark’s popular 26 Relentless, a highly agile and maneuverable collared center console featuring a high performance running surface designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters. The HSMST layout boasts a unique console and aft radar arch that were required to meet US military specs. Production and testing of the HSMST is ongoing at Metal Shark’s Jeanerette, Louisiana production facility.

US Coast Guard 24’ Special Purpose Craft – Shallow Water (SPC-SW) 

The SPC-SW was Metal Shark’s second significant government contract. Announced in 2008, Metal Shark was selected to build 90 shallow water response boats for the USCG. Based on the Metal Shark Relentless class of collared center console patrol boats, the 24’ SPC-SW features a hybrid hull with a shallow aft deadrise that sharpens forward, resulting in a shallow-draft platform with excellent rough-water ride. Currently service with the USCG, the 24 Relentless is also a platform for many law enforcement and fire rescue agencies.

US Coast Guard 27’ Trailerable Aids to Navigation Boat (TANB) 

The TANB, based off the rugged 27 Courageous, was Metal Shark’s first significant government contract. In all,100 of these trailerable ATON maintenance platforms were delivered to the Coast Guard, paving the way for many USCG contracts to come. Today, Metal Shark’s Courageous-class workboats are still in use by the Coast Guard, as well as by law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and numerous commercial operators. In addition to the TANB, Metal Shark has built numerous other ATON boats for the USCG, including the Cutter Boat – Medium (CB-M), Cutter Boat – Large (CB-L), and ATON Skiff (SKF).