63 Fearless Super Interceptor

Vessel Overview

LOA: 63′
BOA: 15′ 6″

Metal Shark’s Fearless Super Interceptor Series was developed in response to growing demand among military operators for larger and faster interdiction craft delivering greater range and better sea keeping. The ultra-high performance, offshore-capable 63 Fearless Super Interceptor represents a radical leap forward while still boasting an extensively proven running surface and over a decade of parent-craft lineage. The vessel fills a niche of growing importance to military operators worldwide, setting new standards for size, speed, and capability. This imposing and capable multi-mission craft reaches top speeds in the 70-knot range and can maintain a 50-knot cruise speed for over 15 hours.  A custom-configurable platform designed for missions ranging from counter narcotics to the protection of exclusive economic zones and other related maritime enforcement activities, the 63 Fearless Super Interceptor is available in multiple pre-engineered configurations with various options for propulsion, layout, and equipment. Read on, and learn more about this game-changing offshore interceptor.

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Ultra-High Performance Hull Design

The 63 Fearless Super Interceptor is a highly optimized version of Metal Shark’s Fearless high-performance platform, utilizing the proven Stepped Vee, Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) running surface designed by naval architect Michael Peters. Metal Shark’s Fearless-class stepped bottom vessels are currently in service with the US Navy, NOAA, and multiple law enforcement agencies and foreign militaries. Digitally designed, router-cut, and precision-welded, the Fearless hull is composed of beefy plates of premium 5086 aluminum alloy for unmatched durability. Powered by twin diesel engines and surface drives with up to 5,000 total horsepower per vessel, the Super Interceptor reaches top in the 70-knot range. Configured for maximum range, the vessel delivers an unbelievable 15+ hours endurance at 50 knots.

Custom-Configurable Deck Layout

The Fearless Super Interceptor platform was developed with a crew-centric design honed over the delivery of 1,000+ Metal Shark vessels to military operators worldwide and optimized to meet the challenges of modern maritime security head-on. Multiple configurations are offered to accommodate the widest possible range of mission profiles. Key configuration options include open bow or forward cabin, and center console or enclosed pilothouse. The vessel shown here features an elevated, enclosed helm station with protected forward seating for ten crew. The vessel carries an onboard 5-meter Metal Shark-built welded aluminum RIB that may be quickly launched and retrieved for maximum mission versatility. Regardless of configuration, the 63 Fearless Super Interceptor features modern, crew-friendly appointments designed for safety and ease of operation. Ballistic protection is available, and the vessel may be configured to carry the full range of remote-operated and crew-served weapons.

Crew Accommodations

Like all Metal Sharks, the 63 Fearless Super Interceptor may be custom-configured by our in-house engineering team to suit unique client requirements. Number and type of seats and work stations, electronics and comms equipment, and provisions for armament and storage are all designed to suit. Here is a detail view of the forward crew seating area on a 63 Fearless Super Interceptor configured with shock-mitigating seating for ten. The seats include a four-point harness, adjustable armrests, and drop-out bottoms. The vessel may be configured with adjustable, removable ballistic panels for additional crew protection from small arms fire. Metal Shark works closely with end users to fully optimize each vessel for its intended mission.

An Intimidating Presence

The 63 Fearless Super Interceptor satisfies the visual deterrent requirements of today’s military forces with a futuristic design featuring a chiseled and menacing profile and unique faceted hull. Unlike other available welded-aluminum patrol boat offerings, which are hard to distinguish from a commercial work boat or even a private recreational vessel, this patrol craft is immediately and unmistakably identifiable as a no-nonsense military machine. With an overall length of 63′ and a beam of nearly 16′, the 63 Fearless Super Interceptor is large, imposing, and flaunts its unmatched capability, sending a clear signal that it is ready to respond to any hostile threat with unmatched speed and overwhelming force.

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