Design & Engineering


Metal Shark places the highest possible emphasis on the quality of its engineering resources. The company has cultivated an all-encompassing engineering culture and continues to grow its design team, which is currently composed of over 30 naval architects, marine engineers and mechanical engineers who oversee every aspect of boat design, from hull to outfitting. Metal Shark uses state-of-the-art design and production methods to ensure each vessel is produced efficiently and reliably at reasonable acquisition and ownership costs. Metal Shark offers a full portfolio of its own 100% digitally designed models, which may be fully customized to suit a wide range of mission profiles. In addition, Metal Shark engineers routinely interface with their counterparts at various independent design firms to offer a globally proven portfolio of passenger ferries and other specialized vessels.


Metal Shark designs are 100% digital, right down to the smallest components. All boats are extensively engineered, 3D modeled and fully designed for manufacturing prior to commencement of construction. Digital files are fed directly to Metal Shark’s CNC routers, assuring absolute precision and greatly alleviating fit issues that lead to inaccurate and inefficient shop floor engineering. Metal Shark’s engineers hold bachelor’s degrees in Naval Architecture and/or Marine Engineering (most have both degrees) and design to ABS, ISO and ABYC standards. Metal Shark has established internship programs with the prestigious Webb Institute and other leading universities. This effort, coupled with an active maritime industry recruitment program, has helped Metal Shark to assemble a team composed of some of the best and brightest engineering talents in the industry.