Training & Support

Customer Support

More than simply a boat builder, Metal Shark is a top-to-bottom solutions provider, routinely assisting customers in all phases of grant application, boat selection, outfitting, transportation logistics, delivery, and ownership. From working together to determine the perfect platform for a customer’s needs, to post-delivery orientation, training, and technical support, customers trust Metal Shark to be with them every step of the way. Metal Shark routinely helps develop specially tailored spares packages with customers’ operating needs in mind, and backs up this effort by providing global parts support for reliable, prompt, and efficient turnaround. Metal Shark employs a knowledgeable and experienced customer service and technical support staff, which leverages the company’s formidable engineering resources to provide prompt technical assistance and to help customers solve challenges.

Whether they operate a single Metal Shark or an entire fleet of them, customers can count on Metal Shark to deliver industry-leading assistance. For parts, customer service, or technical support, visit our contact page.



Metal Shark employs a team of full-time professional maritime instructors who deliver specialized training packages developed to suit the specific needs of militaries, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, commercial operators, and other customers. From delivery training and orientation to advanced long-term maintenance and repair, Metal Shark offers comprehensive classroom and underway instruction for its customers.


At any given time, Metal Shark’s multilingual trainers are deployed worldwide; training, documenting, and delivering comprehensive training programs to meet the operational, intermediate, and advanced-level training needs of Metal Shark operators. The curriculum of each training course has been designed to meet the requirements of US military agencies and other operators. Courses are routinely tailored to the needs of specific operating agencies, taking factors such as individual mission profiles, areas of responsibility, environmental challenges, and crew experience into consideration. At the end of each course, trainees are surveyed in order to continually assure the maximum effectiveness of all courses and training methodologies.