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    42 Fearless

  • 230CC



    36 Fearless Yacht Tender

  • 230CC



    32 Fearless

  • 230CC



    28 Gravois Hybrid Bay

  • 230CC



    25 Gravois Bay

  • 230CC



    40 Defiant Yacht Tender

  • 230CC



    24 Swamp Shark DC

  • 230CC



    21 Swamp Shark CC

Recreational Boats

Military Tested, Globally Proven, and Like Nothing Else on the Water

There are scores of companies building fishing boats of all shapes and sizes, but how many of them are on the Pentagon’s speed-dial list? The Gravois family, founders of Metal Shark, have been building fully custom fishing machines since 1983. In addition to entire fleets of boats deployed globally with the US Navy, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force, today Metal Shark offers digitally designed, custom-built, extreme high-end boats for discriminating tournament anglers, recreational fishermen, and boating families. Gravois boats have been long admired for their durability and are known along the Louisiana Gulf Coast as “lifetime hulls.” Today’s offerings feature advanced running surfaces, mil-spec construction, wave-crushing hulls that deliver a soft and smooth ride, and nimble handling that is second to none. Coupled with durability that no fiberglass boat can match, today’s Metal Shark recreational offerings are truly like nothing else on the water.

Have It All

Just because you’ve bought the most rugged and durable boat that money can buy, doesn’t mean you’ve got to “rough it.” Metal Shark’s recreational models come equipped with all of the luxuries you’d expect from a premium, extreme high-end recreational vessel, and deliver them in a clean, smart layout that makes for a great day on the water. What’s more, 100% digital design and aluminum construction allows for significantly more customization than could ever be delivered in fiberglass, where builders are limited by the sizes and shapes of their tooling. With Metal Shark, you can dare to dream. From a tournament-rigged 42’ quad-engine stepped-bottom center console, to a 38’ military patrol tender with a luxurious soft-touch interior, to perhaps the most elegantly appointed crossover bay boat on the market today, Metal Shark spares no luxury.

Fanatical Attention to Detail

If you really want to gauge the quality of a boat’s construction, look in the places that aren’t easy to see. Peek under the hatches and into the bilge, and check out the wiring behind the dash. If you’re aboard a Metal Shark, you’ll see attention to detail and and overall level of fit and finish that is second to none. That’s because Metal Shark has staked its reputation on consistently exceeding the expectations of the world’s most demanding operators, including military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. So, you’ll find flawless welds, water-tight and rattle-free hatches, and military-spec wiring throughout. Metal Shark consistently goes to such lengths because in many cases, lives actually depend on it.