40 Defiant Yacht Tender

A Next-Generation Military Patrol Platform, Now Available for Civilians, Too.


Metal Shark’s next-generation 40 Defiant is an all-aluminum military patrol boat platform now fully reimagined as a recreational yacht tender. Initially designed for military use, this imposing pilothouse platform is being made available for civilians, too (minus weapons, bulletproof armor, and sensitive technology, of course). A high-end finish has been given to the 40 Defiant’s chiseled, military-tough exterior, along with a surprisingly comfortable, well-appointed passenger cabin. Like all Metal Sharks, each 40 Defiant yacht tender may be thoroughly customized to suit the desires of the client. A standout in any harbor, the 40 Defiant is one of the most distinctive, and purpose-built yacht tenders available today, with a proven military lineage. This page showcases features of the 40 Defiant in recreational trim. To read more about the 40 Defiant in full military configuration, click here

Typical Specifications

LOA: 43′ 11″
BOA: 11’ 10″
For detailed specifications, contact us today. 

Hull Design: Military-Proven Performance


The 40 Defiant satisfies the visual-deterrent requirements of today’s naval forces with a futuristic design featuring a chiseled and menacing profile and unique faceted hull. Unlike other available welded-aluminum military patrol boat offerings, which are often hard to distinguish from a commercial work boat or even a private recreational vessel, the 40 Defiant is immediately identifiable as a no-nonsense military machine. Even in yacht tender form, the 40 Defiant’s military origins are unmistakable. The 40 Defiant features a proven hull design that has been engineered and built to precise tolerances. The vessel delivers a smooth ride in a wide range of conditions; safely and capably handling rough seas. Equipped with twin diesel inboards mated to waterjets, the 40 Defiant’s advanced running surface delivers outstanding performance, and a beam of nearly 12’ affords extra stability while at rest. By utilizing the water jet’s split-duct thrust-reversing “buckets,” the vessel can be brought from planing speed to a full stop in less than two boat lengths. Pivoting, turning, crabbing sideways, and alongside maneuvers are executed with ease, making this vessel ideal for use as a tender.

Your Command Station: 40 Defiant’s Custom-Configured Pilothouse


Occupants remain secure and protected from the elements within the 40 Defiant’s comfortable and spacious climate-controlled pilothouse. As a true military vessel fully customized to suit the requirements of each client, every interior is a unique creation. Shock-mitigating seating provides a superlative element of comfort; however, multiple options are offered for seating and interior treatments. (40 Defiant shown here with contoured high-backed Shockwave Corbin shock-mitigating military seating in an upgraded patrol-style configuration.)

Helm Details


The 43 Defiant boasts a no-nonsense helm layout that puts all controls within easy reach while allowing for seating or standing operation. The spacious port and starboard helm areas easily accommodate a wide array of custom-installed electronics, with additional mounting space available in the overhead electronics pod.

Premium Belowdecks Accommodations


The 40 Defiant features spacious climate-controlled belowdecks quarters that may be customized to suit client requirements. The vessel is shown here with a port-side galley featuring microwave, sink, and refrigerator. An enclosed head compartment with freshwater sink, marine head, and shower is located to starboard. Forward, a convertible v-berth with drop-down table and filler cushion provides versatility. Discrete LED lighting and ample storage space have been provided throughout. Each 40 Defiant is a fully custom creation. The vessel shown here was given an interior treatment in the “upgraded patrol craft” style to preserve an element of the vessel’s no-nonsense rugged durability. All interior treatments are determined by client tastes, budget, and desire for luxury appointments.

The Benefits of Aluminum Construction


Metal Shark’s welded aluminum construction eliminates the many durability issues associated with fiberglass vessels, such as gelcoat chipping and spider cracks, broken transoms, rotted stringers, and soft floors. Aluminum vessels are highly flame resistant, especially compared to highly combustible fiberglass boats. Whereas the construction of fiberglass boats relies on petroleum-based resins and toxic chemicals, aluminum boats are produced in a clean and environmentally sound manner, free from harmful emissions and dangerous solvents used in the fiberglass lamination process. What’s more, in addition to improved durability and safety, at the end of its decades-long lifespan, an all-aluminum Metal Shark is 100% recyclable.

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