Our Commitment to Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment

Metal Shark’s extreme high-quality builds and proven track record of on-time deliveries are the result of well-organized, world-class shipbuilding facilities, state of the art methodologies, and highly trained teams that keep its operations running like clockwork. Metal Shark’s methodical pursuit of perfection extends beyond the company’s production focus to include Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) practices as well.

Metal Shark places great emphasis on establishing and maintaining best practices to assure a healthy, safe, and secure workplace for employees, clients, and visitors, as well as policies to promote sustainability and overall environmental stewardship.

From the top down, members of the Metal Shark team work to assure a safe and secure environment for the benefit of its employees and the greater good of the communities the company calls home. Metal Shark’s safety record is a source of evident pride among team members. As proof of its commitment to safety, Metal Shark has been recognized by the Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA), winning the SCA’s Award for Excellence in Safety for six consecutive years and counting (2018-2023).

Metal Shark’s in-house team of HSE professionals works to lead the industry by example; continually advancing and evolving the company’s health, safety, security, sustainability, and environmental practices to assure not only legal compliance, but peace of mind for the company’s team members, their families, and the communities where they work and live. To find out more about Metal Shark’s HSE policies, please contact us today.