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    90 Endurance DSV

  • 230CC



    75 Endurance Fire Rescue

  • 320CC



    75 Endurance DSV

  • 320CC



    55 Endurance

Endurance-Class Catamarans

Metal Shark’s Endurance catamarans have been designed to accommodate a wide range of mission profiles. These proven platforms may be custom configured for coastal and offshore military patrol, command and control operations, fire rescue, search and rescue, dive support, pilot boat, hydrographic survey, windfarm support, and numerous other uses. Metal Shark’s range of catamaran offerings is anchored by the company’s proven Endurance series, with models ranging from 55’ and up.

Endurance-class vessels are 100% digitally designed by Metal Shark’s in-house team of naval architects. Like all Metal Sharks, each vessel may be fully customized to meet the specific needs of its operator. Endurance-class hulls are designed for maximum efficiency, extended range, and stability while underway or at rest. Like all Metal Shark pilothouse offerings, they feature “pillarless glass” technology which substantially enhances visibility and safety by reducing the dangerous blind spots common on traditional designs with smaller, framed windows.

Propulsion options include conventional straight shafts, water jets, and pods. Crew quarters are built to suit. 100% digital design affords Metal Shark the greatest flexibility in tailoring its proven platforms to suit the needs of the customer. The vessels shown here merely represent a starting point for dialog with the Metal Shark design team.

In addition to its Endurance designs, Metal Shark routinely partners with leading independent design firms to offer custom catamarans designed for virtually any application. Examples of this include Incat Crowther and BMT for aluminum catamaran passenger ferries, Damen Shipyards for windfarm support and crew supply vessels, and other specialty vessels. Contact us today to find out more.