90 Endurance DSV

Typical Specifications

LOA: 90’
BOA: 24’

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The Metal Shark 90 Endurance is a welded aluminum pilothouse catamaran with a crew-friendly layout optimized for visibility, protection, crew movement, payload capacity, and functionality. In DSV configuration, the vessel shown here has been equipped with a full complement of highly specialized systems supporting the mapping, inspection, and repair of subsea oil and gas pipelines using dive teams. The Metal Shark design team worked extensively with the client to create a design that mitigates inherent hazards associated with live-boating, which is the practice of utilizing a mobile, as opposed to anchored, vessel in support of dive operations. Endurance-class catamarans may be configured for a wide range of mission profiles including military command and control, law enforcement, port security, and fire rescue.

Hull Design

Each Metal Shark Endurance-class catamaran features a proven Metal Shark hull design that has been engineered and built to precise tolerances. To achieve its superior hull life rating of 30+ years, the vessel’s hull, deck, and pilothouse structure are composed entirely of heavy, welded plates of premium-grade 5086 aluminum alloy. A key component of the Endurance class vessels are their wide beams which offer tremendous stability. The 90 Endurance features a beam of 24′ which results in tremendous stability while at rest or underway. Endurance vessels may be equipped with inboards, water jets, or pod propulsion systems.

Deck Layout

The 90 Endurance DSV’s crew-friendly design is characterized by wide-open work spaces that easily accommodate enormous payloads while allowing for easy, surefooted passage from bow to stern. The layout of each Endurance offering may be custom configured to meet specific mission requirements, but regardless of configuration careful consideration is given to the placement of grab rails and footholds. All belowdecks machinery spaces are easily accessed via large water-tight deck hatches, and walkways feature low-level LED lighting for nighttime operation. Heavy duty rubrails provide protection during alongside maneuvers, and urethane sheathed foam collar fendering systems are available. The 90 Endurance DSV has been equipped with port, starboard and stern rescue zones, a diver recovery system, and a deployable 11-ft. rigid inflatable boat (RIB) for diver recovery.

Pilothouse Details

Thanks to Metal Shark’s use of pillarless glass, the 90 Endurance’s octagonal pilothouse provides 360° views with an almost unimpeded field of vision, making it ideal for around-the-clock operation. This visibility is critical for vessel positioning during diver operations or for maneuvering alongside offshore rigs or other vessels. Overhead spotter windows in the pilothouse roof are useful when operating alongside elevated structures. Retractable shades reduce heat load when the overhead windows are not needed. The 90 Endurance’s roomy pilothouse boasts headroom in excess of 80”. Electrical defrosters with supplemental forced air provide defrosting and defogging for all windows. The pilothouse is equipped with LED lighting suitable for day and night use. The lights are located overhead of the crew and offer downward illumination. Separate lights are placed over the coxswain/navigator and crew positions.

Helm Details

The 90 Endurance DSV’s helm has been equipped with five shock-dampening captain’s chair-style seats, and additional pilothouse seating provides total seating for 12 crew under roof. The helm position is centerline, with a digital multifunction gauge array positioned within sight of the helmsman. All gauges are fully dimmable for night-time operation and compatible with night-vision goggles. Forward and aft steering stations are equipped with joystick controls. The full navigation electronics suite includes a Furuno NavNet system with integrated GPS, radar, LRAD, FLIR, depth sounder, and VHF and UHF radios.

Crew Accommodations

The 90 Endurance DSV has been designed to be self sufficient during extended missions offshore. Two onboard 65-kW generators provide electrical power. A Dometic reverse-osmosis system converts seawater to fresh water for drinking, showering and the rinsing of dive equipment. Other onboard accommodations include two enclosed heads with hot-water showers and marine toilets; a full galley with refrigerator, icemaker, microwave, cooktop, large cupboard areas and pantry; and a spacious main cabin dinette area offering seating for seven. Each forward sponson features six bunks, for a total bunking capacity of 12 crew members. En suite workstations and generously sized hanging lockers have been provided. The belowdeck areas as accessed via wide, LED-illuminated stairways from the pilothouse. Crew spaces are cooled by three redundant heavy-duty AC units, which are powered by the generators and keep the cabin comfortable even in the most severe conditions.

Dive Boat Particulars

The 90 Endurance DSV is equipped with a full range of dive equipment. Most notably, a massive Aqua-Air double-lock decompression chamber is housed in the aft deckhouse, where it is easily accessible from the aft deck via a dedicated entry hatch. Other dive features include a six-by-five jet pump, dive control station, Nitrox oxygen-enriched diving station, video streaming system, diver hydraulics, diver hot water, massive dive tank rack, and a 5,000 lb.-capacity aft deck hydraulic crane.

Custom Capability

Like all Metal Sharks, each Endurance-class catamaran may be full customized to suit a wide array of mission requirements. The Endurance catamarans, such as the 75′ Endurance shown here, serve as ideal platforms for fire rescue missions, with fire pump package and multiple RF-controlled monitors. Metal Shark is well versed in the proper outfitting of vessels with electronics, fire fighting equipment, positive-pressure CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive) filtration systems, or any other mission-specific hardware.

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