Dive Support Vessels



    90 Endurance DSV



    75 Endurance DSV

Metal Shark’s Endurance-class catamarans may be custom configured for use as Dive Support Vessels. Endurance-class vessels, already in use with multiple operators across a wide range of markets, are available in sizes ranging from 45’ to 100’+ with propulsion options including conventional straight-shaft inboards, water jets, and pods.

The Endurance-class catamarans feature numerous industry-leading features such as Metal Shark’s Pillarless Glass pilothouse, which offers best-in-class pilothouse visibility. Metal Shark is adept at the seamless integration of specialized dive equipment including decompression chambers, jet pumps, dive control stations, Nitrox systems, video streaming systems, diver hydraulics and hot water, custom dive tank racks, and deck-mounted hydraulic cranes.

Use the links above to explore recent Metal Shark DSV builds in detail. When you’re ready to find out more, we invite you to contact us.

Oil Spill Response



    30 Resolute -Oil Spill Response Boom Platform

Metal Shark is a leader in the design and production of Oil Spill Response vessels. The company recently delivered a fleet of 25’ OSR Utility Boats and 30’ OSR Boom Platforms to the US Navy.

Each Metal Shark Oil Spill Response vessel utilizes a military tested and globally proven hull design that is fully optimized for oil spill response. From durable construction to best-in-class payload capacity, Metal Shark offers a full range of highly competitive Oil Spill Response solutions that may be custom configured to accommodate the full range of skimmers and other necessary equipment. Contact us today to learn more.

Crew Supply Boats


    Damen Fast Crew Supply 7011


    Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610


    Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2008

In addition to its own in-house team of naval architects and marine engineers, Metal Shark works with leading independent design firms including Damen Shipyards, Incat Crowther, BMT, and others to offer a near limitless range of custom designs for commercial operators. For wind farm support and crew supply, Metal Shark offers the Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610 and 2008, shown here. Damen designs, which have been proven worldwide, are produced to precise tolerances at Metal Shark’s Franklin, Louisiana shipyard, utilizing 100% digital design and precision manufacturing to deliver extreme high quality repeatable results within exacting production timeframes.