36 Fearless Yacht Tender

Finally a Tender That’s Tough Enough to Tow

Introducing the 36 Fearless yacht tender, a rugged, high-performance welded-aluminum center console designed and built to fanatical standards by Metal Shark, a leading defense contractor to the US Armed Forces and its allies abroad. Digitally designed, router-cut, and precision crafted from heavy plates of 5086 aluminum alloy, the fully welded and foam-filled Fearless hull crushes unruly seas that send other boats back to the dock. Metal Shark’s aluminum construction eliminates the headaches of brittle and delicate fiberglass boats, so you’ll never worry about gelcoat cracking, stringer rot, transom failures, or the T-top shaking loose. The 36 Fearless Tender was designed as a tow-behind, and built for the task. If you’ve ever seen the destructive force endured by a center console being towed across an ocean behind a yacht, and witnessed the wear and tear that quickly ensues, you’ll understand just how rugged this boat really is. Read on to learn more about our game-changing 36 Fearless yacht tender.

LOA: 39′ 5″ (including collar and outboards)
BOA: 12′ 5″ (including collar)
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High-Performance Hull Design

The 36 Fearless Tender boasts an advanced SVVT (stepped ventilated vee tunnel) running surface designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters, meaning this rugged workhorse offers the same performance as some of the most coveted high-end fiberglass center console vessels in the industry. With this extensively proven hull design, the 36 Fearless is quick to plane and delivers nimble, pinpoint handling coupled with a smooth dry ride. Powered by triple outboards, the vessel handles predictably and safely while delivering top speeds well into the 50 knot range.

Versatile Deck Layout

Metal Shark’s 36 Fearless tender features a wide-open center console layout with a flat floor running from bow to stern. Shock-mitigating seating for four has been provided beneath the vessel’s fully-welded extended-length aluminum hard top and behind a full-height-tempered glass windshield. Available bow seating, forward coffin box,  flip-down stern seating, slide-away cooler, and full tackle prep station provide extra versatility. Wide, non-skid gunnels coupled with an integrated step-up in the bow make it easy to traverse the vessel and also facilitate boarding on or off the mother ship. A rugged, urethane-sheathed, high-density closed-cell foam WING collar provides ample fendering for maximum impact protection during docking or alongside maneuvers.

Console, Top & Seating

The 36 Fearless Yacht Tender features a fully welded aluminum console, with two-row seating for four persons beneath an oversized integrated hard top. The console features a full-height, tempered glass, three-pane windshield with windshield wiper, and a roll-down curtain package may be added for additional weather protection. A wide range of seating options are available. The vessel shown here has been equipped with four Llebroc SV bucket seats atop SHOXS S8 shock-mitigating seat pedestals to insulate occupants from jarring impacts.  There’s ample room on the console for multifunction displays and other controls, and a weather-tight glove box has been provided. The console houses a head compartment with marine toilet and holding tank, freshwater sink, and storage shelves. An available hard top solar panel array keeps the house batteries charged so that bilge pumps and other systems remain operational while the boat is being towed.

Dive Doors Allow Easy Access

The 36 Fearless Tender features oversized port and starboard dive doors allowing easy access from either side of the vessel. Their ample width makes them ideal for boarding large fish, and they easily accommodate divers wearing tanks and full gear. To facilitate side-to boarding from the stern platform of a yacht or a low dock, Metal Shark designed and built rugged, oversized articulating hinges, which allow the door to swing out and tuck away unobtrusively against the hull with the collar still facing outward for impact protection. Originally developed for fireboats and first responders, these innovative, durable, and practical dive doors are a Metal Shark exclusive.

Many Custom Options Available

As a rugged and proven military platform reimagined as a purpose-built tow-behind yacht tender, the 36 Fearless tender is in a class all its own. The vessel boasts an impressive list of premium standard features and a wide range of available options. The vessel shown here was designed for trans-pacific voyages and has been equipped with a reinforced bow eye with towing bridle. The rooftop solar panel array keeps the house batteries charged so that bilge pumps and other systems remain operational while the boat is being towed, and a strobe light will flash to alert crew on the mother ship when the bilge pumps are running. A Seakeeper 3 gyro stabilizer assures stability, even in heavy seas. This vessel has also been equipped with Humphree’s game-changing active ride control system, which keeps the boat level at all times, assuring effortless operation at the touch of a button. There’s plenty of cooler space thanks to a 300-quart Frigid Rigid insulated coffin box forward and 95-quart ice chest aft, and a full tackle station houses a fold-down aft facing seat along with plenty of storage. Raw water and freshwater washdown assures easy cleanup.
These are just a few of the options available on the 36 Fearless Yacht Tender. For more information about this or any other Metal Shark model, contact us today.