40 Fearless

Typical Specifications

LOA: 40’
BOA: 10’ 3”
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Metal Shark’s 40 Fearless has been designed for applications where extreme high performance capabilities are required. Agile and maneuverable, yet tough enough to withstand harsh environments, the 40 Fearless is ideal for border protection, port security, drug interdiction, and gunship operations. 100% digitally designed, router-cut, and precision crafted from plates of 5086 aluminum alloy, Metal Shark’s fully-welded hulls are currently deployed across North and South America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. With nearly 1,000 vessels in service worldwide, Metal Sharks have been proven to stand up to use and abuse in the most unforgiving environments to be found.


Hull Design

All vessels in Metal Shark’s Fearless class feature high-performance, twin-stepped SVVT (stepped vee, ventilated tunnel) hull designs by renowned naval architect Michael Peters. Their outstanding performance, coupled with Metal Shark’s incredibly rugged welded aluminum construction, combine to deliver incredible speed, handling, range, and low-maintenance durability.

Deck Layout

The Metal Shark 40 Fearless features an expansive non-skid cockpit that can be custom configured to suit a wide range of applications and needs. Whether the primary need is maximum open floor space, maximum seating capacity, or something in between, Metal Shark can design and build a Fearless-class craft accordingly.

Console & Seating

The 40 Fearless is shown here with Metal Shark’s unique “twin console” layout, which provides shock mitigating seating for four beneath a massive welded aluminum hard top. Shift, throttle, and trim controls have been integrated into the shock-mitigating helmsman’s seat so that they move with the occupant and remain constantly in-hand, even while operating at speed in heavy seas. This allows for intuitive operation, reducing the effort required to control the vessel and ultimately lessening the risk of an accident. Inspired features such as these are the result of Metal Shark’s crew-centric design ethic and can be found throughout the Fearless-class vessels.


The 40 Fearless may be custom-configured to accommodate a wide range of propulsion types. The vessel is typically produced with triple or quad outboard engines. However, it may be built with gas or diesel stern drives, inboards, or surface drives. As a fully custom manufacturer with vast in-house engineering resources at its disposal, each Metal Shark may be specially tailored to suit the needs of its operator.

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