36 Fearless

Typical Specifications:

LOA: 36’ 1″ with appendages
BOA: 10’ 6″

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Metal Shark has combined an advanced high performance running surface with a stout welded-aluminum hull and crew-friendly layout to make its 36 Fearless the choice of law enforcement agencies worldwide. Capable, agile and quick, the 36 Fearless crushes waves and tames heavy seas while delivering a soft, smooth, and surprisingly dry ride to its lucky crew. Notable for its high performance stepped-hull running surface, the 36 Fearless is proven in service with multiple U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies, militaries, and fire departments. Read on to learn more about the popular and proven 36 Fearless. To see the vessel configured as a recreational yacht tender, click here.

Hull Design

All vessels in Metal Shark’s Fearless class feature high-performance, twin-stepped SVVT (stepped vee, ventilated tunnel) hull designs by renowned naval architect Michael Peters. Their outstanding performance, coupled with Metal Shark’s rugged welded aluminum construction, combine to deliver incredible speed, handling, range, and low-maintenance durability.

Deck Layout

The 36 Fearless features an expansive non-skid cockpit that can be custom configured to suit a wide range of applications and needs. Whether the primary need is maximum open floor space, maximum seating capacity, or something in between, Metal Shark can design and build a Fearless-class craft accordingly. The 36 Fearless boasts a crew-friendly layout designed for ease of operation. Grab handles are ideally placed, low-level LED pathway lighting proves helpful during night missions, and an available dive door greatly facilitates water access.

Console & Seating

The 36 Fearless is equipped with a large console and integrated welded aluminum top, with numerous options for customization available. A full-height, tempered glass windshield provides optimum visibility from the helm. The 36 Fearless is available with a wide range of seating options including the SHOXS shock-mitigating drop-down seats shown here. The helm has been designed to accommodates large multifunction displays, which are situated within direct view of the operator. All controls are placed within easy reach, reducing the effort required to control the vessel and ultimately lessening the risk of an accident. Inspired features such as these are the result of Metal Shark’s crew-centric design ethic and can be found throughout the Fearless-class vessels.

Custom-Configurable Design

The 36 Fearless shown here is part of a four-vessel fleet built for the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement. These vessels were designed for long days spent offshore during the enforcement of conservation laws and activities related to fisheries management. Special mission-enhancing features include an extended hard top with full curtain package to offer exposure from the elements, rain or shine. Removable high/low bow rails facilitate boarding, and triple 300 HP Yamahas combined with the Fearless SVVT double-stepped hull offers maximum performance.
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