24 Swamp Shark Dual Console

A Shallow Water Swamp Boat That’s an Actual Boat

LOA: 25’
BEAM: 8’ 6”
FUEL: 75 Gallons
DRY WEIGHT (as shown): 6,535 Lbs.
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The go-anywhere, do-anything Metal Shark 24 Swamp Shark Dual Console is no stripped-down little mud boat. This is a solid, deep and substantial welded-aluminum boat with room for you and your crew, plus your gear. While our rugged 24 Swamp Shark is also available in a center console version, the dual console configuration shown here provides all-weather protection for year-round use. Like all Metal Sharks, the 24 Swamp Shark is built to last. The hull is made using heavy plates of military-grade 5086 aluminum alloy that have been digitally cut, expertly welded, and flawlessly crafted. Extreme shallows, vegetation-clogged waters, or even mud are no issues thanks to the patented Swamp Shark all-terrain surface drive propulsion system. What’s more, when on open water, the 24 Swamp Shark handles like a real boat, with excellent handling, a smooth dry ride, and 60+ MPH top speeds.
The Swamp Shark propulsion system has been designed to address the many weaknesses of other propulsion types. Developed and extensively tested in the unforgiving swamps of South Louisiana, Swamp Shark is a high performance propulsion system offering boaters the highest levels of handling and control across a wide range of conditions. A Swamp Shark drive offers many advantages over conventional propulsion systems. Metal Shark, a leading designer and manufacturer of welded aluminum boats and exclusive supplier of Swamp Shark for military and government operators, is pleased to offer Swamp Shark technology to recreational customers, too. Read on learn more about our rugged, military-tough 24 Swamp Shark DC.
Swamp Shark is available on other models, too, including the popular 21 Swamp Shark CC.
Metal Shark is the exclusive supplier of Swamp Shark technology for military applications. The Swamp Shark propulsion system, patents, and trademarks are the property of Swamp Shark Drives, LLC. For propulsion system inquiries contact clintangelle@aol.com.

Deck Layout

The 24 Swamp Shark boasts a versatile arrangement with dual (port and starboard) consoles.This configuration places driver and passengers behind a large, sturdy, tempered glass windshield with welded aluminum frame for protection from the elements. An available welded tubular-aluminum radar arch with Bimini top and curtain package enable true all-weather operation. The windshield features a hinged, center walk-thru portion with aluminum walk-thru closeout to completely seal the cockpit while allowing for quick access to the spacious, open foredeck. Aft, a full-width bench seat with integrated backrest provides comfortable seating for passengers. The vessel shown here has been custom-rigged for bowfishing. Like all Metal Sharks, each 24 Swamp Shark is 100% digitally designed and may be customized to suit the unique requirements of the operator.

Swamp Shark Dwells at the Top of the Shallow Water Food Chain

There are lots of little mud boats out there with puny engines on them, struggling along at putt-putt speeds. Swamp Shark leaves them all in its wake. Swamp Shark handles up to 550 fire-breathing horsepower and a whopping 1,250 Ft.-Lbs. of torque so it’s capable of pushing a real boat – big enough for you, your friends, and all your gear – into even the most hostile terrain. Other options do not compare. Airboats offer high power but are meant to run in a straight line. Water jets require large water inlets that often clog, and outboards do, too. Other options have vulnerable appendages like rudders that snag in vegetation, or are so underpowered that they can’t get out of their own way. Swamp Shark offers a commanding hole-shot; the acceleration, speed, and handling of a propeller-driven vessel; it accommodates high power and torque loads; and travels in forward and reverse with equal proficiency. In short, Swamp Shark is the most durable and reliable shallow water propulsion system available.

The 24 Swamp Shark DC shown here has been equipped with a Marine Power 6.2-liter LS DI rated at 485 horsepower, and reaches top speeds in excess of 60 MPH.

Swamp Shark’s Patented Rebound System: Unmatched Impact Protection

The Swamp Shark propulsion system consists of several key components: A CNC-cut, machined-steel surface drive; internal/external hydraulic Rebound System; and a specialized internal cooling system, all of completely original design. The patented Rebound System, which consists of actuators inside and outside of the vessel, allows the Swamp Shark drive to smoothly and automatically adapt to conditions. When the drive impacts a solid object, such as a log or other submerged hazard, it swiftly and smoothly “kicks up” so that the propeller will not be impacted (the leading edge of the skeg features a special radius designed to facilitate quick and smooth passage over any objects it encounters). The Rebound System then exerts reverse pressure to instantaneously return the drive to its normal trim position as soon as the object has been cleared. With 56 degrees of total steering sweep, and 44 degrees of trim range, Swamp Shark offers the widest possible range of control.

Go Anywhere, Thanks to Swamp Shark’s Self-Contained Onboard Cooling System

Swamp Shark features a fully self-contained, patent-pending, onboard keel cooling system, with no appendages beneath the hull, to enable smooth and reliable operation over underwater obstacles. Since there is no need for outside water, a Swamp Shark-propelled vessel can traverse shallow, vegetation-clogged water or even loose mud with no cooling issues. This highly-efficient system cools engine oil, power steering and transmission fluid, and also boost-air intercoolers for turbo or supercharged engines, all with no reliance on outside water. A Swamp Shark exclusive!

Fanatical Attention to Detail

If you really want to gauge the quality of a boat’s construction, look in the places that aren’t easy to see. Peek under the hatches and into the bilge, and check out the wiring behind the dash. If you’re aboard a Metal Shark, you’ll see attention to detail and an overall level of fit and finish that are second to none. That’s because Metal Shark has made its name by exceeding the expectations of the world’s most demanding military customers. So, you’ll find flawless welds, watertight rattle-free and gasketed hatches, and military-spec wiring throughout. Metal Shark builds boats this way because in many cases lives actually depend on it.

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