115 Defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 115’
BOA: 27′

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The Metal Shark 115 Defiant is a next-generation monohull patrol vessel designed by Metal Shark’s in-house engineering team and built in Louisiana, USA. The vessel boasts a versatile multi-mission design optimized for seakeeping, performance, economy, and durability. Like the other models in Metal Shark’s globally-proven Defiant-class portfolio, the 115 Defiant has been designed for functionality, with crew-friendly features throughout, and has been built to perform economically and reliably through the rigors of extended military use. In 2022, it was announced that a 115 Defiant was under construction for the Guyana Defense Force (GDF), and Metal Shark is pleased to offer this next-generation patrol platform to its military clients worldwide. Read on to learn more about the game-changing 115 Defiant. See images from the 2023 launch of the GDF 115 Defiant here.

Design Overview

The Metal Shark 115 Defiant is a next-generation multi-mission vessel designed in direct response to increasing maritime security concerns worldwide. This modern and imposing military craft performs a wide range of missions including border patrol, police and customs duties, counter-narcotics operations, fisheries enforcement, and securing waters of economic importance. Thanks to its flexible arrangement the 115 Defiant can easily take lead on search and rescue or disaster relief missions. With its proven hull design and mission-optimized, crew-friendly layout, the 115 Defiant offers excellent performance and seakeeping, large payload capacity, and economical operating cost, along with Metal Shark’s renowned quality, durability, and global support.

Hull Design & Construction

The imposing 115 Defiant has been designed to project power while offering unmatched performance, with a subtle reverse-raked bow offering reduced resistance for improved seakeeping in higher sea states. The vessel’s fully welded aluminum hull features multiple watertight bulkheads and oversized scantlings throughout. A beam of over 27’ (8.4 meters) assures ample stability while underway or at rest. All integrated tanks and machinery areas are accessible via watertight manholes or access hatches. Equipped with twin 1,600-horsepower CAT C32 engines for economical long-range missions, the 115 Defiant boasts a 2,000 NM range at 12 knots while offering top speeds in excess of 20 knots, supporting a crew of 24 for missions for up to ten days. A range of propulsion choices are offered to accommodate the performance requirements of other clients.

Deck Layout

The 115 Defiant boasts a modern, efficient deck arrangement offering ample payload capacity while allowing for safe and surefooted passage from bow to stern. Wide, non-skid walkways feature low-level LED lighting for night missions, and careful consideration has been given to the placement of all rails and grab handles. Crew members may safely traverse the vessel, day or night, even in adverse weather conditions, with the added protection of a prominent breakwater. Meanwhile, the vessel’s elevated wheelhouse with nearly 360-degree visibility assures confident all-weather operation. For mothership operations, the 115 Defiant carries a 5.2-meter Metal Shark-built aluminum rigid inflatable boat (RIB) on the aft deck. The RIB carries up to 10 persons and is powered by twin 50-horsepower four-stroke outboard engines. The RIB may be launched and retrieved via crane, or via an available integrated stern slipway for underway launch and retrieval. As on all Metal Shark military vessels, the number, type, and location of weapons systems are based on client requirement.

Wheelhouse Details

The 115 Defiant offers superb visibility and total control from its spacious, elevated, well-appointed, climate-controlled wheelhouse. Significant emphasis is placed on the reduction of blind spots to assure best-in-class visibility. All controls, navigation electronics, and communications equipment are placed within easy, intuitive reach (Metal Shark 85 Defiant shown here). Shock-mitigating, vibration-dampening flooring is used throughout, and all surfaces are built for long-lasting durability and easy cleanup. Like all Metal Sharks, the 115 Defiant may be fully customized to meet a wide range of mission requirements, with numerous seating options available.

Crew Accommodations

The 115 Defiant is configured to accommodate a crew of 24 on extended missions at sea. Officers’ quarters, officers’ heads (2) with hot water showers, fully-equipped galley, and separate mess areas for officers and crew are located on the main deck, downstairs from the vessel’s elevated wheelhouse. Crew quarters and crew heads (3) with hot water showers are situated one level below on the sub deck. All crew quarters are kept separate from operations areas, allowing crews to rest undisturbed between shifts without interfering with ship’s operations. Alternate accommodations are available to suit unique mission profiles.

Like all Metal Shark vessels, the 115 Defiant may be fully customized to meet a wide range of requirements. For options, detailed specifications, or additional information, contact us today.