29 Defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 29’
BOA: 8’6”

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Metal Shark’s 29 Defiant combines crew-friendly features with a nimble, robust, globally proven hull design. Hundreds of 29 Defiants are in service worldwide with a continually growing list of operators, including US and foreign militaries, state and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and commercial entities. The vessel is available in multiple configurations and propulsion types including open and closed bow, standard cabin and short cabin, twin outboard, twin stern drive, and twin inboard diesel water jet. Like all Metal Sharks, each 29 Defiant is fully customized to meet the specific requirements of the operator. This popular and proven global platform continues to gain popularity thanks to its highly versatile and practical layout, ride and handling, and proven durability. 29 Defiant patrol boats are in service with over a dozen militaries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

Hull Design

The 29 Defiant features all-aluminum construction, with its precision-welded hull, deck, and pilothouse composed entirely of premium-grade 5086 aluminum alloy. An 8’6” beam makes the 29 Defiant ideal for over-the-road transport, however, thanks to wide reversed chines and the ample heft of its stout hull, the vessel is stable while underway or at rest. Twin outboard engines require minimum maintenance while reliably propelling the vessel to speeds up to 50 knots. The 29 Defiant is also available with diesel inboards with water jets. A twin stern drive configuration is also available. In any configuration, the 29 Defiant delivers quick acceleration, nimble handling, and a soft smooth ride.

Deck Layout

The 29 Defiant boasts a clutter-free deck arrangement that allows for easy, surefooted passage from bow to stern, with wide-open workspaces and non-skid walkways throughout. Low-level LED pathway illumination has been provided for night missions, and grab rails are ideally placed and always within easy reach. The 29 Defiant is offered with various configurations to suit operator needs. The vessel may be equipped with an open-bow configuration with the bow cockpit easily accessed through a large sliding companionway door in the pilothouse. A closed-bow version with v-berth is also available (both versions shown).


The most immediately apparent advancement in Metal Shark’s Defiant pilothouse design is the use of pillarless glass to substantially enhance visibility. The result is a near elimination of the dangerous blind spots that are an unfortunate drawback of conventional pilothouse vessels. Further, the 29 Defiant’s quickly opening side and aft pilothouse doors offer added flexibility and greatly facilitate communication when docking or maneuvering alongside another vessel. Multiple seat options and seating arrangements are available, including shock-mitigating military seats, to meet the needs and requirements of specific customers.

Short-Cabin Configuration

The 29 Defiant is available in a short cabin configuration, which offers increased aft cockpit space. This layout is popular among law enforcement agencies and emergency responders who require more working room outside the pilothouse. There is space within the shortened cabin for four, instead of the maximum six-person seating layout available with the standard cabin.


With a deep vee hull and power options up to 600 HP, the 29 Defiant will slice through the waves, and its wide reverse chines provide stability while at rest. Available with a wide range of power options and propulsion types, the 29 Defiant is responsive and maneuverable. Thanks to its 8’6” beam, the 29 Defiant is legal for over the road transport. Its radar mast quickly folds down into the aft cockpit to achieve trailerable clearance. Powered by twin outboard engines, the 29 Defiant reaches speeds in excess of 50 knots.

Twin Diesel Waterjet Configuration

The 29 Defiants shown here were built for a foreign military and equipped with twin Yanmar 6LPA-STP2 diesels mated to Hamilton 241 jet drives. This package delivers the reliability and economy of inboard diesels, plus the shallow-draft capability and maneuverability of water jet propulsion. By utilizing the water jet’s split-duct thrust-reversing “buckets,” the vessel can be brought from planing speed to a full stop within two boat lengths. Pivoting, turning, crabbing sideways, and other maneuvers are accomplished with ease. Top speed as equipped exceeds 40 knots. Also shown here are the available tubular swim platform, aft guard rails, and tow rope line spool.

Twin Diesel Stern Drive Configuration

The 29 Defiant Short Cabin version shown here was built for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Powered by twin Volvo D4-225 diesels and stern drives with duo-props, this package provides outstanding low-end torque and slow-speed stability, yet still delivers nimble handling at speed. This setup also costs less than the water jet package, while still offering diesel reliability and operating economy. Additional features shown on this vessel include full-height aft cockpit safety rail, aft davit, and oversized pusher knee. 

Fireboat Configuration

The 29 Defiant platform is popular among firefighters for its size, performance, and versatility. Easy to trailer and easy to handle, the 29 Defiant fireboat is available with open or closed bow, standard cabin or short cabin, and the full range of propulsion systems including twin outboards, diesel stern drives, or diesel water jets. To learn more about the 29 Defiant fireboat click here

US Coast Guard RBS-II Configuration


In addition to its prominent role among state and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and foreign militaries, the 29 Defiant is the platform for the US Coast Guard’s Response Boat – Small (RBS-II).

In the interest of improving safety and versatility for its next-generation response boat, the Coast Guard presented Industry with a challenging set of criteria. In addition to typical requirements such as speed, range, capacity, sea state operation, etc., the Coast Guard placed heavy emphasis on the following:

  • Weight Savings: The vessel was required to weigh less than 10,000 lbs., on a trailer, full of fuel, in order to stay within the legal towing capacity of the (now-retired) government-issue 2500 Suburban tow vehicles.
  • Visibility Requirements: Visibility was of paramount concern to the USCG. Accordingly, pilothouse visibility requirements included less than 10 degrees of total obstruction and 2 degrees in any direction.
  • Large, Opening Windows: The vessel was required to offer a configurable cabin for a crew of five enabling all-weather operation in the frigid environments of the north as well as the hot southern summers, all without the use of an HVAC system.
  • Maintenance Accessibility: Unlike the previous-generation RBS and other USCG platforms, it was mandated that entire inside of the RBS-II, hull and cabin was required to be quickly accessible for maintenance with only basic hand tools.
  • C-130 Transportability: The RBS-II and trailer were required to meet the size and weight requirements for aerial transport.

Metal Shark’s engineering team met this challenge head-on. In 2011, Metal Shark’s design was chosen by the USCG as one of two finalists from a field of seven competing builders. These two vessels were built and sent to Charleston, SC for head-to-head testing by 20+ USCG members from around the country. Metal Shark’s design was selected, and from 2012 through 2019, Metal Shark worked hand in hand with the USCG, building, testing, and delivering 370 RBS-II vessels.

29 Defiant features unique to the USCG variant include a custom window system allowing the side and aft windows to quickly drop into the hull, converting the vessel from a full cabin to an open boat and enabling all-weather operation from Alaska to Key West and beyond. Other USCG-specified features include economical 225-HP Honda outboards, a custom cabin arrangement with special shock-mitigating seats, port steering, lightweight quick-access interior panels, elimination of foam-filled hull, and more.

USCG decision makers have consistently praised Metal Shark for its quality, flexibility, and ability to maintain schedule, recommending Metal Shark for similar requirements in the future. Metal Shark is proud of its ability to consistently meet incredibly complex requirements. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the United States Coast Guard in the years ahead.

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