32 defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 32’
BOA: 10’

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The Metal Shark 32 Defiant is a welded aluminum monohull pilothouse patrol vessel a versatile custom-configurable arrangement ideal for military, law enforcement, fire rescue, or port security missions. A proven performer, the 32 Defiant is in service with the US Navy, the militaries of several US partner nations, and a continually growing list of law enforcement agencies and fire departments, including the Houston Police Department and Jefferson County (Kentucky) Sheriff’s Office ( both shown below). This globally proven platform may be custom configured to suit an extremely wide range of mission profiles. The 32 Defiant serves as an extremely stable, dependable, highly capable, and surprisingly fast and nimble platform that is well suited for both inland and offshore use.

Hull Design

The 32 Defiant features a proven Metal Shark hull design that has been engineered and built to precise tolerances. To achieve its superior hull life rating of 30+ years, the hull is composed entirely of heavy, welded plates of premium-grade 5086 aluminum alloy. Thanks to its wide beam and pronounced reverse chines, the 32 Defiant is extremely stable. While most commonly equipped with twin outboard engines, the 32 Defiant may also be powered by twin inboard engines with shaft-driven propellers or stern drives. In most configurations the vessel achieves speeds in the 40-45 knot range.

Deck Layout

At the heart of the 32 Defiant’s crew-friendly design is a spacious, clutter-free deck arrangement that allows for easy, surefooted passage from bow to stern. Shown here are a US Navy 32 Defiant with open bow, and also a CBRNE-equipped port security vessel with closed bow built for the Virgin Islands Port Authority. Regardless of configuration, the 32 Defiant comes equipped to allow easy access from bow to stern, with wide non-skid walkways offering unobstructed passage. Grab rails are within reach at all times, and low-level LED lighting helps to illuminate pathways during night missions. A durable foam-filled collar provides impact resistance during alongside maneuvers, while port and starboard dive recesses provide easy access to and from the water.


The most immediately apparent advancement in Metal Shark’s Defiant pilothouse design is the use of pillarless glass to substantially enhance visibility. The result is a near elimination of the dangerous blind spots that are an unfortunate drawback of conventional pilothouse vessels. Further, the 32 Defiant’s quickly opening side and aft pilothouse doors offer added flexibility and greatly facilitate communication when docking or maneuvering alongside another vessel. Multiple seat options and seating arrangements are available, including shock-mitigating military seats, to meet the needs and requirements of specific customers. The vessel shown here has been configured for law enforcement patrol missions. Special features include Dronewatcher drone detection and defense system, Radiation Solutions Inc. RS-700 mobile radiation monitoring system, SHOXS shock-mitigating seating, Raymarine electronics package with FLIR thermal imaging system, RAM Mounts Tough Tray laptop mount, PMT Mounts Toughbook dock, Whelen law enforcement lighting, and dual Dometic rooftop AC units.

Aft Cockpit

Aft of the pilothouse, the 32 Defiant boasts a wide-open working deck, with ample room for backboards or other equipment. Port and starboard dive reliefs provide easy access to and from the water. Other notable features shown here include generator access hatch in lazarette, aft tow post, and removable engine protection bar. 

Twin Inboard Configuration


While most commonly equipped with twin outboard engines, the 32 Defiant is also available with twin gas or diesel inboards with stern drives or conventional straight shafts. Shown here is a 32 Defiant built for the UW-Madison Police Department’s Lake Rescue and Safety unit, equipped with twin gas Mercruiser 6.2 MPI 350 horsepower V8 engines in a conventional straight-shaft inboard arrangement. As configured, the 32 Defiant boasts a cruising speed of 30 knots and a top speed approaching 40 knots. Metal Shark works directly with all major marine engine manufacturers to accommodate the widest possible range of customer engine choices.

Industry-Leading Innovation

Metal Shark routinely utilizes its formidable engineering resources to help customers solve challenges. When the US Navy needed a stand-up, enclosed privacy head in its Force Protection Boat but didn’t want to sacrifice the 360-degree visibility of a glass pilothouse, Metal Shark solved their dilema with the innovative design shown here. At the touch of a button, the 32 Defiant’s fully enclosed head compartment (featuring solid privacy door, marine toilet, and sink with fresh water faucet and hot water shower) collapses and lowers mechanically into the vessel’s floor, converting into a conveniently placed chart table.

Custom Capability

Like all Metal Sharks, the 32 Defiant may be fully customized to suit a wide array of mission requirements. Commonly requested custom items include: full electronics package including forward-looking infrared (FLIR) camera and radar; electric davit, fire pump package with multiple RF-controlled monitors, fire fighting equipment, positive-pressure CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive) filtration systems, or any other mission-specific hardware. Shown here is a 32 Defiant in Fire Rescue configuration. Click here to see the 32 Defiant Fire Rescue in detail.

Choice of the United States Navy

In 2013, Metal Shark was awarded a contract to produce up to 80 Force Protection Boat – Medium (FPB-M) patrol boats for the United States Navy. Powered by twin 300 HP Yamaha four-stroke outboard engines, the FPB-M is quick, agile, and economical to operate. The vessel is easily trailerable, with a radar mast that can be lowered by a single person in just a few minutes to allow for easy over the road transport. At the same time, the vessel is large enough to operate in coastal and nearshore environments in rough conditions. Dual rooftop HVAC units allow for comfortable operation in a wide range of climates. Construction on the five year FPB-M contract commenced in 2014 and is currently underway, with vessels delivering monthly. Metal Shark has also produced Force Protection – Large (38 Defiant), and Force Protection – Small (27 Defiant) for the Navy.

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