35 Defiant

Typical Specifications:

LOA: 35’

BOA: 11’ 5”

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The venerable 35 Defiant was designed for law enforcement, port security, and military forces. With a durable hull constructed of 1/4” plates of welded 5086 aluminum alloy, power options up to 900 horsepower, and the stability afforded by its 11’ 5” beam, the 35 Defiant provides best-in-class handling and ride.

Deck Layout

The 35 Defiant may be equipped with an open bow or forward cuddy cabin. In either configuration, the vessel features a wide-open cockpit workspace with non-skid floors and ideally placed handrails. Wide gunnels provide sure footing, and the foredeck is easily accessed. A full-height transom provides security, and oversized scuppers assure a fully self-bailing cockpit. A rugged, urethane-sheathed, closed-cell foam collar provides ample impact protection, while port and starboard dive recesses facilitate access to and from the water.


In foul weather and heavy seas, the entire crew remains comfortable and secure within the 35 Defiant’s roomy pilothouse with available climate control. Self-parking windshield wipers and window defrosters maintain visibility during inclement weather. All controls are placed within easy reach of the operator, and spacious port and starboard helm areas easily accommodate a wide array of custom-installed electronics.

Proven Reliability

The 35 Defiant has been proven in service with multiple law enforcement and military operators in the US and abroad, over years of abuse and countless hours of operation. With its versatile layout, outstanding performance, and rugged reliability, the Metal Shark 35 Defiant continues to enjoy a hard-earned reputation as a go-to platform for military and LE patrol.

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