85 Defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 87’
BOA: 19’ 6″

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The Metal Shark 85 Defiant is a welded aluminum monohull patrol vessel utilizing the globally proven hull form of Damen Shipyards’ 2606 Standardized Patrol platform. This well-regarded design has been highly optimized by Metal Shark’s in-house design team to suit the requirements of today’s military operators. The vessels shown on this page were built in “Near Coastal Patrol Vessel” (NCPV) configuration. Under a U.S. Navy contract worth up to $54 million, Metal Shark is building up to 13 NCPV vessels for US DoD partner nations across Latin America and the Caribbean. Metal Shark is pleased to offer this proven platform to other operators, too. Read on to learn more about the capable and proven 85 Defiant.

Design Overview

The 85 Defiant is designed to support a wide range of missions including search and rescue, border patrol, police and customs duties, counter-narcotics operations, and securing waters of economic importance. Key attributes of this craft include excellent performance and seakeeping, large payload capacity, economical operating cost, proven durability, and modern crew-friendly design. The 85 Defiant serves as an ideal mothership in support of extended offshore and nearshore patrol operations. The vessel has been designed to support a crew of 10+ personnel and is capable of remaining at sea for extended periods.

Hull Design & Construction

The 85 Defiant employs a proven deep vee hull with raked bow, wide reversed chines, and spray rails. Propeller tunnels have been integrated into the aft running surface to enhance efficiency, reduce draft, and to mitigate noise and vibration while underway. The vessel has been built for extended military use in an open-ocean environment. The durable, fully-welded aluminum hull features multiple watertight bulkheads and oversized scantlings throughout. A wide 19.5’ beam assures ample stability while underway or at rest, and all integrated tanks and machinery areas are accessible via watertight manholes or access hatches. 

Deck Layout

The 85 Defiant boasts a modern, crew-friendly design with an efficient deck arrangement offering ample payload capacity while allowing for safe and surefooted passage from bow to stern. Wide, non-skid walkways feature low-level LED lighting for night missions, and careful consideration has been given to the placement of all ladders, rails, and grab handles. Crew members may safely traverse the vessel, day or night, even in adverse weather conditions. The 85 Defiant carries a 5.6-meter, Metal Shark-built aluminum Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), which is quickly deployed and retrieved via an integrated stern slipway. The RIB’s twin 50-HP four-stroke outboards and ten-person capacity greatly enhance the 85 Defiant’s versatility. In typical configuration, the 85 Defiant’s aft deck cargo capacity is up to four tons, with total vessel deadweight (fuel, persons, cargo, etc.) rated at 20 tons. This, combined with the 85 Defiant’s stability, endurance, and ample belowdecks crew accommodations, make the vessel ideal for mothership operations in support of extended patrol missions at sea.

Wheelhouse Details

The 85 Defiant offers superb visibility and total control from its spacious, elevated, well-appointed, climate-controlled wheelhouse. The most immediately apparent advancement in Metal Shark’s Defiant pilothouse design is the use of pillarless glass to substantially enhance visibility. The result is significant reduction of the dangerous blind spots which are an unfortunate drawback of conventional pilothouse vessels. All controls, navigation electronics, and communications equipment are placed within easy, intuitive reach at the 85 Defiant’s spacious helm. The vessel is shown here equipped with helm seating for three. Like all Metal Sharks, the 85 Defiant may be fully customized to meet a wide range of mission requirements, with numerous seating options offered to accommodate varying number of crew as needed.

Crew Accommodations

The 85 Defiant offers a wide range of available configurations, which may be custom tailored to suit specific mission requirements. In US Navy Near Coastal Patrol Vessel configuration, the 85 Defiant accommodates a crew of ten on week-long missions. Key NCPV crew considerations include two dual-bunk officer cabins providing accommodations for four officers, and a six-bunk crew cabin. Two heads are provided, each with a hot water shower. A fully equipped galley along with separate mess areas provides additional crew comfort. All crew quarters are kept separate from operations areas, allowing crews to rest undisturbed in between shifts without interfering with ship’s operations.

Like all Metal Shark vessels, the 85 Defiant may be fully customized to meet a wide range of requirements. For options, detailed specifications, or additional information, contact us today.