85 Defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 87’
BOA: 19’ 6”

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Metal Shark’s 85 Defiant is a proven patrol vessel based on Damen Shipyards’ 2606 standardized patrol craft platform, and built by Metal Shark in Louisiana, USA. The Stan Patrol design has been extensively proven, with multiple parent craft vessels in service with US and foreign militaries. Metal Shark, a leader in patrol boat design and construction, has applied its own proprietary patrol boat enhancements to this proven hullform. The result is a reliable and efficient vessel boasting next-generation features that enhance mission capability.

Design Overview

The Metal Shark 85 Defiant patrol craft accommodates a wide range of mission profiles including search and rescue, border patrol, police and customs duties, and securing waters of economic importance. Key attributes include excellent performance and seakeeping, large payload capacity, economical operating cost, proven durability, and modern crew-friendly design. The 85 Defiant serves as an ideal mothership in support of extended offshore and nearshore patrol operations. The vessel supports an onboard crew of ten+ personnel, with accommodations allowing it to stay on station in support of missions at sea for extended periods of time.

Hull Design & Construction

The 85 Defiant employs a deep vee hull with raked bow, wide reversed chines, and spray rails. Propeller tunnels have been integrated into the aft running surface to enhance efficiency, reduce draft, and to mitigate noise and vibration while underway. The vessel’s fully welded aluminum hull features multiple watertight bulkheads and oversized scantlings throughout. A wide 19.5’ beam assures ample stability while underway or at rest. All integrated tanks and machinery areas are accessible via watertight manholes or access hatches.

Deck Layout

The 85 Defiant boasts a modern, crew-friendly design with an efficient deck arrangement offering ample payload capacity while allowing for safe and surefooted passage from bow to stern. Wide, non-skid walkways feature low-level LED lighting for night missions, and careful consideration has been given to the placement of all rails and grab handles. Crew members may safely traverse the vessel, day or night, even in adverse weather conditions. Ample impact protection has been provided for alongside maneuvers, and integrated stern ladders facilitate water access.

Payload Particulars

The 85 Defiant’s large aft deck easily accommodates a 5.5-meter, 10-person Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB), which is deployed and retrieved via an integrated stern slipway. The vessel may serve as a fuel carrier, with 55-gallon drums securely stowed in ejection racks. In typical configuration, aft deck cargo capacity is up to four tons, with total vessel deadweight (fuel, persons, cargo, etc.) rated at 20 tons. This, combined with the 85 Defiant’s stability, endurance, and ample belowdecks crew accommodations, make the vessel ideal for mothership operations in support of extended patrol missions at sea.

Wheelhouse Details

The most immediately apparent advancement in Metal Shark’s Defiant pilothouse design is the use of pillarless glass to substantially enhance visibility. The result is a near elimination of the dangerous blind spots which are an unfortunate drawback of conventional pilothouse vessels. Large spotter windows allow the crew to see overhead aircraft. Further, the 85 Defiant’s quickly opening side and aft pilothouse windows offer added flexibility and greatly facilitate communication when docking or maneuvering alongside another vessel. The 85 Defiant is shown here with shock-mitigating seating for six. Other arrangements are available.

Metal Shark’s Franklin Shipyard

The 85 Defiant is produced at Metal Shark’s large vessel shipyard complex in Franklin, Louisiana. This 25-acre waterfront facility is situated with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. Metal Shark’s Franklin yard supports aluminum and steel shipbuilding efforts for vessels up to 250’. Metal Shark is an experienced builder of custom patrol boats, with hundreds of vessels in service with the United States Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, the militaries of partner nations worldwide, numerous port security and law enforcement agencies.

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