100 Defiant

Typical Specifications

LOA: 101’

BOA: 23’ 6”

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The all-aluminum Metal Shark 100 Defiant offshore patrol vessel is based on a globally-proven Damen Stan Patrol platform utilizing the Damen “Enlarged Ship Concept,” where the hull of a ship is extended to create an elongated hull form that substantially enhances seakeeping, operability and crew comfort by reducing vertical ship motions. The 100 Defiant’s “Sea Axe” bow design represents a further evolution of the Enlarged Ship Concept. Axe Bow vessels feature an extremely slender and deep bow, without any flare, that provides unparalleled soft seakeeping characteristics.


The 100 Defiant features aluminum hull, deck, and superstructure. Metal Shark’s expertise in patrol boat production, with hundreds of vessels in service worldwide, coupled with Damen’s technical expertise and global presence with shipyards worldwide, ensures a state of the art, precision craft that is built to last. Most importantly, all Metal Shark-built Damen designs are supported by Damen’s global network of shipyards, so service is readily available worldwide. The 100 Defiant Offshore Patrol vessel is produced at Metal Shark’s large vessel shipyard complex in Franklin, Louisiana USA where upon completion it may be easily launched in the Gulf of Mexico.


The 100 Defiant features Metal Shark’s pillarless glass windshield, which significantly reduces blind spots. This, combined with the vessel’s elevated superstructure, provides ideal visibility for the crew. The 100 Defiant’s wheel house has been placed at the location where ship motions are least: approximately one third distance from the stern. This positioning creates the best possible working environment for the crew. The 100 Defiant been designed to allow for custom accommodations.

Crew Ergonomics

The 100 Defiant’s major controls and communication devices are integrated into the helmsman’s seat. Even in the most inclement conditions, the helmsman can easily and comfortably control the ship. Throughout the vessel, flexible carpentry and floating floors have been deployed to reduce vibration. Like all Metal Sharks, the interior layout may be fully customized to suit virtually any mission requirement.

Metal Shark’s Franklin Shipyard

Defiant Offshore Patrol vessels are fabricated at Metal Shark’s large vessel shipyard complex in Franklin, Louisiana USA. This 25-acre waterfront facility is situated with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and supports aluminum and steel shipbuilding efforts for vessels up to 250’. Metal Shark employs its own team of naval architects, master welders, and craftsmen. The company has extensive experience in producing custom patrol boats, with hundreds of vessels in service with the United States Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, and the militaries of partner nations worldwide.

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