38 Defiant Fire Rescue

Typical Specifications:

LOA: 38’
BOA: 11’5”
Fire Fighting Equipment: Custom, configured to meet operator’s mission requirements
Propulsion: Triple outboards or twin diesel inboards with straight shafts, water jets, or pods

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Metal Shark’s 38 Defiant Fire Rescue is a proven welded aluminum monohull vessel ideal for use in a wide range of coastal and nearshore environments. It is quick and highly maneuverable and serves as an excellent inshore first responder, and also offers the heft and stability to venture offshore. The 38 Defiant is a globally proven platform in service with the US Coast Guard, US Navy, foreign militaries, fire departments, and numerous law enforcement agencies. Each 38 Defiant Fire Rescue vessel is fully tailored to meet the unique challenges of its intended AOR and the detailed requirements of its operating agency.

Hull Design & Construction

The 38 Defiant features a proven Metal Shark hull design that has been engineered and built to precise tolerances. To achieve its superior hull life rating, the vessel’s hull, deck, and superstructure are composed entirely of heavy, precision-welded plates of corrosion-resistant 5086 aluminum-magnesium alloy. The Defiant-class running surface has been designed for maximum efficiency and performance. This efficiency, combined with the vessel’s durable construction, results in the lowest possible operating cost while at the same time assuring maximum performance. Thanks to its wide beam, pronounced reverse chines, and ample heft, the 38 Defiant is exceptionally stable while underway, at rest, or pumping water. To meet specific mission requirements, the 38 Defiant may be equipped with triple outboards or twin inboard diesels with water jets, straight-shaft inboards, or pods.

Deck Layout

The 38 Defiant features an uncluttered, no-nonsense layout designed for crew friendliness. Wide, non-skid walkways feature low-level LED lighting for night missions, and crew members will find hand rails and grab handles within easy reach at all times. A urethane-sheathed closed-cell foam collar provides optimum impact protection during alongside maneuvers. Alternately, the vessel may be equipped with heavy-duty rubber rub rail.The 38 Defiant may be configured with an open bow cockpit or a closed foredeck with cuddy beneath. Meanwhile, the large aft cockpit workspace easily accommodates backboards, dive tanks and gear, and other equipment.


Metal Shark’s signature “pillarless” glass pilothouse sets the industry standard for visibility and safety. Proven extensively on Metal Shark’s military and law enforcement patrol boats and utilized on all Metal Shark pilothouse fireboats, this design drastically improves the view from the helm by reducing the dangerous blind spots commonly found on conventional pilothouse vessels. Firefighters and other emergency responders appreciate the near 360-degree view from a Metal Shark pilothouse, especially while on night missions or operating during other periods of reduced visibility.

Firefighters will find all controls for the vessel’s propulsion systems, fire fighting equipment, and other onboard systems within easy reach thanks to the 38 Defiant’s large port and starboard helm stations. These offer ample room for the installation of navigation electronics and controls for fire pumps and remote-operated monitors.


The 38 Defiant is shown here in a hybrid water ambulance configuration, with three shock mitigating military seats to port, one to starboard, and a starboard bench arrangement that converts to dual stretcher bunks. Each vessel’s seating is configured to suit specific crew requirements. Metal Shark offers a wide range of options including a full range of shock-mitigating military-style seats.
In closed-bow configuration, the 38 Defiant features a V-berth, galley, and an enclosed head compartment. Belowdecks accommodations are built to suit and may be configured to suit specific agency needs.

Custom Capability

The 38 Defiant can be equipped with a formidable array of tactical firefighting equipment.From fire pumps and monitors to foam reservoirs, hydrant connections, Command and Control communications systems, and positive-pressure Chemical, Radiological, Biological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) crew protection systems, Metal Shark is adept at the seamless integration of firefighting hardware. Contact Metal Shark today to begin the process of building a 38 Defiant Fire Rescue vessel for your agency.