32 Defiant NXT Fire Rescue

Typical Specifications

LOA: 32’
Fire Fighting Equipment: Custom, configured to meet operator’s mission requirements
Propulsion: Twin outboards

Introducing the 32 Defiant NXT, an ultra-modern, crew-friendly fire rescue response vessel based on a globally proven Metal Shark hull design. The 32 Defiant monohull pilothouse platform – trusted by multiple fire departments and other first responders, the US Navy, and its allies – has now been reimagined with a next-generation arrangement fully optimized for firefighting. This all-aluminum, American-made fireboat is “right-sized” for many departments, offering big-boat features and capability in a compact, maneuverable, and transportable package. The 32 Defiant NXT comes equipped with a boatload of premium standard features, as well as a robust list of pre-engineered options allowing fire departments to custom-tailor the vessel to suit their unique mission requirements. In any configuration, the 32 Defiant NXT serves as an extremely stable, dependable, highly capable platform well suited for both inland and coastal offshore use. The 32 Defiant NXT shown here was built for Horry County Fire Rescue in Conway, SC and photographed during pre-delivery trials near Metal Shark’s Jeanerette, Louisiana production facility.

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Hull Design, Construction, and Performance

The 32 Defiant NXT features a proven Metal Shark hull design that has been engineered and built to precise tolerances, and proven over the delivery of 100+ vessels to operators worldwide. To achieve its superior hull life rating, the 32 Defiant’s hull, deck, and superstructure are composed entirely of heavy, precision-welded plates of corrosion-resistant 5086 aluminum-magnesium alloy. The Defiant-class running surface has been designed for maximum efficiency and performance. This efficiency, combined with the vessel’s durable construction, results in the lowest possible operating cost while at the same time assuring maximum performance. Thanks to its wide beam and pronounced reverse chines, the 32 Defiant NXT is extremely stable, and twin 300 HP outboard engines require minimum maintenance while reliably propelling the vessel to speeds in excess of 40 knots.

Modern, Crew-Friendly Layout

The 32 Defiant NXT ushers in a new era of capability, with a modern, crew-friendly layout that allows firefighters to perform their work more safely and efficiently. Crews enjoy smartly configured, wide-open workspaces that facilitate safe and surefooted movement from bow to stern. Wide, non-skid walkways feature low-level LED lighting for night missions, and careful consideration has been given to the placement of all rails and grab handles. Deep freeboard in the forward and aft cockpits assure safety, while generously sized dive doors facilitate water access. A WING urethane-sheathed, closed-cell foam collar provides impact resistance during alongside maneuvers, and the available bow door features a smart, extra-wide design optimized for firefighters and gear. From bow to stern, heavy emphasis has been placed on accessibility and ease of use, resulting in a purpose-built fire fighting machine with next-level capabilities and a crew-friendly layout that fire fighters will love.

Best-in-Class Visibility

The 32 Defiant NXT features an innovative pilothouse designed to deliver best-in-class visibility. The use of Metal Shark’s signature “Pillarless Glass” with reverse-raked windshield significantly reduces blind spots compared to the industry’s legacy pilothouse fireboats with their smaller, framed windows. An overhead skylight array provides an unobstructed upward view while operating alongside ships or elevated structures, or during helicopter hoisting operations. Large, quickly-sliding side windows and extra-wide forward and aft cabin doors provide quick and easy ingress/egress while wearing full gear. The result is mission-enhancing visibility and access throughout the complete range of firefighting and rescue scenarios.

Crew Accommodations

The 32 Defiant NXT is offered with multiple seating options. Choose from standard helm seating, shock mitigating military-style seats, or water ambulance seating with bench seats that convert to dual stretcher bunks. Also, choose from open bow or closed bow / cuddy cabin configuration. The vessel shown here has been equipped with an open bow cockpit which is accessed via an extra-wide sliding door in the forward cabin. An electric-actuated bow door with integrated ladder and custom safety rails offers added versatility. Alternately, the 32 Defiant NXT is offered with a bow cabin with V-berth.

Firefighting Equipment

The 32 Defiant NXT is offered with a complete list of pre-engineered optional accessories including a formidable array of tactical firefighting equipment. From fire pumps and monitors to foam reservoirs, hydrant connections, Command and Control communications systems, and positive-pressure Chemical, Radiological, Biological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosive (CBRNE) crew protection systems, Metal Shark is adept at the seamless integration of firefighting hardware. Contact Metal Shark today to begin the process of building a 32 Defiant Fire Rescue vessel for your agency.

Previous-Generation 32 Defiant Fire Rescue

The predecessor to the next-generation 32 Defiant NXT, Metal Shark’s venerable 32 Defiant has been extensively proven, with well over 100 units delivered since 2013. Click here to learn more.