32 Fearless

Typical Specifications

LOA: 32’
BOA: 9’ 3”
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The Metal Shark 32 Fearless is a  durable welded-aluminum high performance center console featuring a twin-stepped SVVT  hull design by renowned naval architect Michael Peters. Agile and maneuverable, yet tough enough to withstand the harshest environments imaginable, Metal Shark’s Fearless models were initially designed for patrol missions by military and law enforcement agencies. This versatile platform has also gained popularity as a yacht tender, recreational fishing boat, or for other civilian uses.

Hull Design

The 32 Fearless boasts an advanced SVVT (stepped ventilated vee tunnel) running surface designed by renowned naval architect Michael Peters. Available with a wide range of propulsion options, the Fearless hull is quick to plane and delivers nimble handling and a smooth dry ride, with its fully foam-filled aluminum hull crushing unruly seas that send other boats back to the dock. With a Metal Shark, you’ll never worry about gelcoat cracking, stringer rot, transom failures, or other issues that are all too common on fiberglass boats.

Deck Layout

Metal Shark’s 32 Fearless features a wide-open cockpit that may be custom configured to suit a wide range of accommodations and needs. The 32 Fearless was designed with ample freeboard and boasts a full-height transom for safety, with oversized scuppers providing quick drainage for a true self-bailing cockpit. The vessel may be equipped with large port and starboard dive doors. For fishermen, a large forward coffin box or removable cooler may be added.

Console & Seating

The 32 Fearless is equipped with a large console and welded aluminum T-top with integrated overhead radio box. A tempered glass windshield provides optimum visibility from the helm. The 32 Fearless is available with a wide range of seating options, including the shock mitigating military seats shown here. All controls are placed within easy reach of the operator, allowing for comfortable, intuitive operation, even on long hauls to faraway fishing grounds. Inspired features such as these are the result of Metal Shark’s crew-centric design ethic and can be found throughout the Fearless-class vessels.
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