30 Resolute

Typical Specifications

LOA: 30’
BOA: 10’

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With its wide beam and even wider array of configurations, the versatile 30 Resolute is an incredibly durable utility platform that can be custom tailored to a broad range of requirements. The vessel featured here was built for a US Navy fleet contract and has been configured for oil spill response missions. Metal Shark offers custom skiffs and barges in aluminum and steel up to 250’.

Hull Design

Metal Shark’s Resolute-class utility skiffs benefit from the same stout construction as their larger, ocean-going siblings. Each Resolute hull is thoroughly welded and rivet-free and made of durable corrosion-resistant 5086 aluminum alloy. Resolute skiffs may be configured to accommodate a wide range of single and twin-engine propulsion choices. The vessel shown here employs twin outboard engines and a hybrid hull with sharp forward entry for use offshore at speed. For more conventional uses the 30 Resolute may be built as a true skiff, with a shallow hull design allowing for economical low speed operation.

Deck Layout

The 30 Resolute shown here has been configured as an oil spill response boom platform (US Navy OSR-BP). In this arrangement, key features include a three-sided wheelhouse for all weather operation; large bow door and massive open foredeck for the transport, deployment, and recovery of oil containment booms; and port/starboard dive doors to facilitate water access. For other uses, the 30 Resolute may be configured with a completely flat working deck. Forward and aft utility platforms are available, as are custom dive doors, tie-downs, forward and aft towing bits, pusher knees, various fendering systems, and other mission-specific features.

Console & Helm

The 30 Resolute is shown here with a three-sided wheelhouse and aft curtain enclosure for all-weather operation. For other uses, the 30 Resolute may be configured as a center console, side console, dual console, or tiller steer model. Numerous options for custom tops and seating are available.

An Industry Leader in Oil Spill Response

In addition to the 30 Resolute US Navy OSR-BP shown here, Metal Shark has supplied the US Navy with Oil Spill Response – Utility Boats (OSR-UBs) and has supplied oil spill recovery vessels to other entities worldwide. Like all Metal Sharks, each oil spill response vessel is a custom creation, so the photos and descriptions on this website should be used only as a starting point for constructive dialog. From inshore utility skiffs to offshore-capable landing craft configured to accommodate skimmers, deck cranes, hydraulic pumps, and other equipment, the Metal Shark design team can work with your agency to create a custom-tailored solution employing a globally-proven Metal Shark hull. We invite you to contact us today to begin the process of designing a Metal Shark oil spill recovery vessel – or a fleet of them – for your agency.