16 Resolute

Typical Specifications

LOA: 16’
BOA: 6’ 10”

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Metal Shark’s 16 Resolute is a durable utility skiff designed and built to withstand the rigors of extreme commercial use. It is a highly adaptable platform that can be specially tailored to suit a wide range of missions. The 16 Resolute featured here is shown in US Coast Guard SKF configuration. Metal Shark produces a wide range of workboats for the USCG and other entities worldwide, and offers custom skiffs and barges in aluminum and steel up to 250’.

Hull Design

Metal Shark’s Resolute-class utility skiffs benefit from the same stout construction as their larger, ocean-going siblings. Each Resolute hull is thoroughly welded, rivet-free, and made of durable corrosion-resistant 5086 aluminum alloy. Resolute skiffs may be configured to accommodate a wide range of single and twin-engine propulsion choices. The 16 Resolute features a shallow hull design with 6” draft allowing for economical low speed operation.

Deck Layout

The 16 Resolute is a proven utility platform typically configured with a completely flat working deck. Custom utility platforms are available, as are tie-downs, forward and aft towing bits, pusher knees, various fendering systems, and other mission-specific features.

Console & Helm

The 16 Resolute is shown here in a side console configuration. For other uses, the 16 Resolute may be configured as a center console, dual console, or tiller steer vessel. Numerous options for custom tops and seating are available.

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