Passenger Vessels for the World's Most Demanding Operators

Bringing Cutting-Edge Capability to Passenger Vessel Markets

Best-known for the vessel fleets it produces for the U.S. Armed Forces and allies around the globe, Metal Shark has expanded its focus to include custom built passenger ferries and excursion vessels up to 250’ in length. With its vast engineering capability, mil-spec build processes, and considerable economies of scale, Metal Shark delivers precision vessels within tight production timeframes that few if any specialty yards can match. Metal Shark has made waves in the passenger vessel industry, having been awarded historic contracts to produce passenger ferries for New York City and also the Metro DC area. But ferries are only part of the story. From whale-watching vessels to dinner boats, head boats, and more, Metal Shark is actively engaged with passenger vessel operators across a wide range of specialty markets.

Industry Leaders in Serialized Production

As a leading supplier of military vessel fleets that must be delivered within demanding timeframes, Metal Shark has established an engineering-centric approach that utilizes 100% digital design, cutting, and sheet metal bending for rapid and precise assembly. For each passenger vessel build, Metal Shark dedicates a team of project managers and project engineers to eliminate shop-floor engineering. Metal Shark enjoys unmatched economies of scale due to volume production, with multiple fleet builds underway at any given time, and leverages its strength to its customers’ advantage. Due to the diverse markets it serves, Metal Shark is never idle. Accordingly, there is no lag-time required to “ramp up” production. Instead, resources are allocated to each project as it is scheduled. Meanwhile, robust scheduling management tools assure on-time completion, even for the most demanding delivery timelines. Fully transparent QA systems developed in concert with US Navy and Coast Guard inspection teams yield “mil-spec” quality, and the extensive use of jigs and fixtures guarantee consistent, repeatable results within delivery timeframes that competitive yards often cannot.

Metal Shark specializes in rapid, high quality, repeatable builds.

      A 26-meter Incat Crowther passenger ferry under construction.

Formidable Engineering Strength

Metal Shark has amassed engineering resources like no other. With an in-house engineering team composed of over a dozen naval architects and marine engineers, Metal Shark possesses the know-how and the bandwidth to create its own highly specialized and thoroughly engineered vessel designs to assure precision results. With its own portfolio of designs as well as those of other leading design firms, Metal Shark offers technologically advanced passenger vessels that are custom-tailored to meet exacting customer requirements. Metal Shark goes above and beyond, utilizing extensive 3D modeling to allow the project to be realized in advance, greatly facilitating planning, resource allocation, and an exact interpretation of each vessel’s design for precision, quality results.

Design Firm Partnerships

With the strength of its in-house engineering team and the proven track record of its production facilities, Metal Shark routinely partners with leading independent design firms and is adept at taking proven designs to the next level. Recently, Metal Shark has partnered with Incat Crowther to produce 26-meter, 149-passenger catamaran ferries for New York’s CityWide Ferry System, and with BMT Designers and Planners to construct 26-meter, 149-passenger ferries for Entertainment Cruises’ Potomac Riverboats division and also the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Other Metal Shark design partners include Damen Shipyards, and One2Three design. Together with its global network of partner design firms, Metal Shark offers a portfolio of globally proven passenger vessel designs, offering the latest advancements in safety, operating economy, and environmental stewardship.

Franklin Shipyard

Metal Shark operates two separate facilities on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Passenger vessel assembly takes place at the company’s Franklin, LA shipyard, which is a 25-acre waterfront facility capable of supporting the production of aluminum, steel, and composite vessels up to 250’ in length. Currently, the facility boasts a 60,000 square foot assembly building with four assembly bays each equipped with overhead crane, with a substantial expansion project currently underway. The yard is also equipped with onsite engineering offices, wet slips, marine transporter, crane in/crane out capabilities, and ample drydock / outdoor storage capacity. Situated on the Charenton canal, Metal Shark’s Franklin yard offers direct unobstructed deep water access to the Gulf of Mexico. The yard is located immediately off Highway 90 for easy over-the-road transport of large components, and the site plan offers ample room for future growth.

Metal Shark is a proud member of the Passenger Vessel Association. You’ll find us at PVA events from coast to coast.