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6 Sep

September 6th, 2019: Metal Shark Expands Into Peru with Multi-Vessel Order and Co-Production Agreement

Jeanerette, LA – September 6th, 2019: USA-based shipbuilder Metal Shark has announced its expansion into the country of Peru, with a new patrol boat order now in production, and a multiyear co-production agreement recently established with the state-operated Peruvian shipyard Servicios Industriales de la Marina (SIMA-PERU SA).

The first round of Peruvian Navy maritime interdiction vessels are now being built by Metal Shark in the United States. Under a co-production agreement with SIMA, Metal Shark plans to deliver multiple similar vessels to Peruvian interests through training and the transfer of designs, technological resources, and production methodologies to SIMA.

“This agreement represents a cooperative commitment by Metal Shark and SIMA, Peru’s national shipyard, to dramatically expand Metal Shark’s influence in Peru,” said Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard. “This strategic move will further bolster Metal Shark’s presence in Latin America while allowing Peruvian military and commercial operators expedited access to Metal Shark’s engineering and technological resources, as well as our extensive portfolio of proven vessel designs.”

Production of 45-foot Defiant-class patrol boats for the Peruvian Navy recently commenced at Metal Shark’s Jeanerette, Louisiana production facility. Designed in-house by Metal Shark, the 45 Defiant is an increasingly popular platform, with vessels in service with multiple operators in the US, the Caribbean, and Asia.

The standardized 45 Defiant patrol craft platform has been customized to suit the Peruvian Navy’s maritime interdiction mission requirements. Powered by twin inboard Cat Marine diesel engines coupled with Hamilton water jets, the vessel will reach speeds well in excess of 40 knots.

“Metal Shark is proud to add the Peruvian Navy to our growing list of international customers, which now totals over 50 military and commercial operators worldwide,” said Henry Irizarry, Metal Shark’s vice president of international business development. “This partnership with SIMA reflects Metal Shark’s commitment to solidify its status as a leading vessel designer, builder, and innovator across the Americas and around the world.”

Metal Shark is a diversified shipbuilder specializing in the design and construction of welded aluminum and steel vessels from 16’ to over 300’ for defense, law enforcement, and commercial operators. Key customers include the United States Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, foreign militaries, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, passenger vessel operators, pilot associations, towboat operators, and other clients worldwide. With three fully self-contained shipbuilding facilities in Alabama and Louisiana USA plus a dedicated engineering facility in Croatia, Metal Shark’s 500+ employees produce over 200 vessels per year with a proud and proven track record of high quality, on time deliveries.

Image at top: Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard and SIMA-PERU’s executive director Admiral Javier Bravo De Rueda Delgado executing the Metal Shark – SIMA-PERU co-productrion agreement at SIMA-PERU’s facility in Callao, Peru.