Metal Shark 55 Defiant Aluminum High Speed Pilothouse Patrol Boat Offshore Fireboat Fire Rescue Response Port Securrity CBRNE Vessel
The all-new Metal Shark 55 Defiant is a next-generation welded aluminum vessel ideal for fire rescue, port security, and coastal/offshore patrol.
Metal Shark Damen Sea Axe Bow Stan Patrol Offshore Vessels
Metal Shark's Defiant Offshore Patrol vessels are based on globally proven Damen designs and offer advanced hullforms.
Metal Shark Aluminum Boats About Us
Metal Shark is a leading supplier of welded aluminum boats for commercial, defense, and law enforcement applications worldwide. Click to learn more about our rapidly expanding company.
Metal Shark Endurance Class Aluminum Catamaran New Shipyard
Introducing Metal Shark's new Endurance-class offshore catamarans. Built at our newly-acquired South Louisiana shipyard, Endurance vessels may be fully customized and are available from 45' to 105'. Click here for details.
Metal Shark Fire Boats CBRN Chemical Nuclear Biological Response
Virtually any model shown in Metal Shark's online product portfolio may be configured as a fire response vessel. Additionally, our Defiant pilothouse models can be fitted with a positive-pressure chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive filtration system for use in CBRNE response missions. Click to find out more.
Government Programs Header Metal Shark Navy
Hundreds of Metal Shark aluminum boats are currently in service with government customers worldwide, such as this 33' Relentless model, built for the U.S. Navy's FMS program and now patrolling in Africa. Click to find out more!
Metal Shark Defiant Pilothouses Main
Metal Shark's industry-leading pilothouse models. From 27 to 50 feet, these all-weather brutes are the choice of the US Coast Guard, US Navy, and many state and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and commercial entities. Click to find out more.
Metal Shark Center Consoles Workboats Interceptors Patrol Boats
Metal Shark offers a wide array of center consoles ranging in size from 18 to 40 feet. Our main center console platforms are the Courageous Series (non-collared "workboat"), Relentless Series (collared "patrol boat"), and Fearless (stepped-bottom, high performance, shown). Click to explore.
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