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    30 Resolute

  • 230CC 




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Skiffs & Barges

Metal Shark’s Resolute line of dependable workhorse skiffs are rugged, reliable, and proven in service with the United States Navy and Coast Guard.Totally overbuilt and capable of withstanding around-the-clock use and abuse, these highly adaptable platforms may be configured to suit virtually any mission profile. Resolute-class skiffs may be equipped with center consoles, side consoles, dual consoles, or tiller steering. 30’ and larger models may be equipped with three-sided wheelhouses for all-weather operation. Other popular features include pusher knees, forward and aft utility platforms, multiple top options, and more. 30’ and larger Resolute models are available in a landing craft configuration with massive forward cockpit and bow door. 


In addition to the Resolute line of skiffs, Metal Shark works with independent design firms including Damen Shipyards to offer a full line of barges and other utility platforms. From its 25-acre waterfront shipyard in Franklin, Louisiana, Metal Shark can produce barges in aluminum and steel, up to 250’ in length. Contact us today to find out more.